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variable3As a result of using advanced materials, high velocity and loaded sliding surfaces can operate effectively with water as their only coolant and lubricant. The potential for cross contamination of the system fluid or lubricating oil is removed.

Employing this technology, the Water Hydraulics Company offer an advanced range of water hydraulic pumps.

These pumps are unique in water hydraulic technology in that they offer variable displacement output controlled by electronic, hydraulic or mechanical actuators.

Constant pressure control is achieved, matching the pump output to the demand, by automatically trimming the displacement as a function of the pre-set pressure by an internal relief valve.

System efficiencies, not normally achieved in fixed displacement water hydraulic pumps, can be achieved using the load sensing control where the output is trimmed to offer the flow required by the actuator.

Traditional methods of improving the efficiency of fixed displacement pumps, such as energy storage in accumulators are no longer required, removing the high capital and maintenance costs associated with these units. The result is cost efficient, controllable and compact pump solution.

Pumps are available capable of generating a maximum continuous pressure of 160 Bar, with maximum flow rates of 110 l/min (29KW) and 330 L/min (88KW).

power_pack_1A standard range of bell housings and couplings are available for connecting the pumps to the B5 electric motor flange.

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