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Yarl Hydracentre Partner With Ingersol Rand

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Yarl Hydracentre is pleased to announce the launch of a new partnership with Ingersoll Rand, to provide energy saving compressed air solutions, service and support.

Yarl Hydracentre offer sales and service support for the range of piston compressors, fixed speed rotary screw compressors, variable speed screw compressors, filters, water separators and refrigerated dryers.

Rotary_Screw_Compr_w19FDFFThe new 2.2 KW to 5.5 KW rotary screw compressor is the ideal choice for applications such as automotive, paint shops, fabrication shops and general light industry applications, where their initial value is immediately visible in terms of lower energy costs – typically 15% to 20% less than required by reciprocating compressors, compact design virtually able to fit anywhere and the low noise feature of the screw design.

The variable speed rotary screw range of compressors provide further energy savings, up to 35%, by balancing the driven speed with the demand for pressure and flow. This provides a soft start allowing many start/stop operations without the risk of overheating, for part load conditions the variable speed drive avoids load cycling matching the input power to the real time demand, all provided by a high efficiency induction motor.

Future Proof Solutions

To reduce initial capital costs, but provide customers with capacity for growth, the variable speed range of compressors can be upgraded with the application of an ‘Intellikey’ upgrade package. This provides increased power output without the need for major component change. Power upgrades from 5.5KW - 11KW, 15KW - 18KW and 22KW - 30KW are available using the upgrade package.

D_EC_Brochure_photoIn addition to the rotary screw compressors, the Ingersoll Rand range includes lightweight workshop compressors and, for heavy industrial applications where reliability and efficiency are important issues, compressors with cast iron pumps.

Compressors are available with or without receivers, dryers and filter systems or as total air systems (TAS) providing all these features in a single compact unit.


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